The Big Bang The Musical

 4 Carter Green, Carmel, Indiana 46032, Hamilton County 4 Carter Green, Carmel, Indiana 46032, Hamilton County - Map Directions
28 January 2022 - 20 February 2022
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The year 2022 starts off with a bang - THE BIG BANG. You’ll find yourself in the living room of an elegant Park Avenue apartment in New York City. Jed and Boyd, along with their pal Albert on the piano, stage a backers’ audition for an 83.5 million-dollar, twelve-hour long musical depicting the history of the world from creation to the present. Eighteen sidesplitting numbers portraying Adam and Eve, Attila the Hun, the building of the pyramids, Julius Caesar and Columbus, among others, give potential investors a taste of the impending extravaganza. In the process, the opulent Park Avenue apartment “borrowed” for the occasion is trashed as the two snatch its furnishings to create makeshift costumes while singing and clowning their way through inventive recreations of the past. This is one history lesson you’ll never forget! (Note that this performance is RATED PG-13)
Actors Theatre of Indiana is pleased to welcome their wonderful audiences into the Studio Theater for Actors Theatre of Indiana’s 2021-2022 season! For 2021-2022, Actors Theatre of Indiana will not provide any season subscriptions, only single tickets. Regular single tickets will be $48; Senior tickets are $42; Student tickets are $26. Wednesday and the first Saturday Matinee will be $30.

Call the box office at The Center for the Performing Arts at (317) 843-3800 to order your tickets or visit
2022-01-28 2022-02-20 The Big Bang The Musical

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