One of the Best Places to Live, which uses a statistical formula to rate the positive livability of cities across the nation, has once again recognized Carmel as one of the best places to live in Indiana and the United States in its most recent data published on its website. Using a variety of factors including local schools, public safety and an overall family-friendly vibe, the researchers recommended that anyone looking for a new home to live and/or work should look at Carmel.

“Over time, we have gained a greater appreciation for these ratings as we have learned that many people have moved to Carmel because they saw our city highly ranked time and again. People have more choices on where to live and raise a family. Thanks in part to the internet and the ability to work remotely, they will often “Google” a city to learn more about the community and why it is a great place to live,” said Mayor Jim Brainard. “We hope that surveys such as, which is based on statistical data, help attract the best and brightest individuals to our city to join our highly educated community of professionals who help our local corporate businesses thrive in Carmel.”

The most recent research saw Carmel with six number one rankings in the state. We are:

  • # 1 in Indiana for Best Place and Suburb to Live
  • # 1 in Indiana for Best Place and Suburb to Raise a Family 
  • # 1 for Place and Suburb with the Best Public Schools in Indiana

Like an old-fashioned school report card, the website assigned grades to Carmel and the City received “A+” grades for public schools, housing and “good for families.” Carmel also received “B+” grades for nightlife and diversity and a “B-minus” grade for crime and safety.

The full report can be read here:

In addition to the statewide accolades, recognized Carmel as the 5th Best Suburb to Live in America (of 6,785), the 9th Best Place to Live in America (of 18,515). Read about that here:

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