IDC Welcomes Two New Showrooms

The Indiana Design Center (IDC) is pleased to announce that two new showrooms are now open on the center’s first floor: Great GrowIN’s and Stephanie Wiott Designs. These new business developments fill out the fully occupied center, offering more options as a premier destination for the design community and Indiana residents looking to build, remodel or decorate their homes and office spaces.

Stephanie Wiott Designs Showroom webThe Stephanie Wiott Designs showroom showcases a beautiful selection of retail furniture, design accessories and gifts for purchase, and houses a working studio for its full-service design firm. Wiott’s team works with local builders and clients alike to design, build or remodel the home of their dreams. A Carmel transplant from the Chicago area, she is excited to call the Carmel Arts & Design District home and to showcase her design aesthetic through curated showroom offerings. “We are thrilled to grow our business in this new space,” says Wiott.

Great GrowINs Showroom webGreat GrowIN’s is a local business that has become known for designing and installing green walls crafted from living plants and mosses in homes and businesses, but they also do landscape designs and custom planters. The Great GrowIN’s space features a working design space as well as a retail storefront, selling living walls, plants and containers. Stephanie Miller, the owner of Great GrowIN’s, is excited for the opportunity to bring a new business model to the IDC, "We love to show people how we can energize their spaces in a beautiful way using nature and living things," says Miller.

Along with the new A/R Homes showroom that is currently under construction, these two showrooms complete the rotunda area on the west side of the IDC. “We are proud to welcome these new additions to the design center and look forward to watching this unique community of design businesses grow in new ways this year,” says Melissa Averitt, Pedcor Companies senior vice president for sales and marketing.

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